powerful & effective solutions

We can design and develop anything from a simple brochure site to an app that will be deployed and scale to millions of users

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Cross Platform

We provide custom built Cross Platform Mobile Apps. Our apps are available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Security Tested

Our apps are built to a high technical specification with security as a main priority.

We use the latest technologies to ensure the security of your app and its users.

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built to scale

We build our apps with future expansion in mind. All our apps are built with scale and high availabilty in mind.

We aim for 100% app uptime to meet the needs of modern users.

rapid development

We use a structured Rapid Development cycle to deliver your App with no delays.

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Business Software

Management Tools

Effective management solutions can relieve the common areas of stress in any business.

Digitising your management can save time and give your company the competitive edge.

Data Mining

Data Mining can show you the hidden knowledge within your data.

We provide custom tool sets enabling clients to get the most out of their data.

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Real-Time Data

Fast and effective data delivery can enable your business to react to your client's needs quicker.

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We have developed software and cloud based automation processes that streamline and maximise productivity with organisations.

Please get in touch for a simple consultation about automation and the benefit that it can deliver.




Byte22 offers a number of App Optimisation solutions. From smoothing out the UI and design, to full app code reviews.


Server Scaling is a key skill for any modern development Team. At byte22 we design, build and deploy solutions for millions of users.


Byte22 work with a number of number of global infastructure providers, giving us flexibilty to supply your needs.


We specialise in multi-platform device optimisation. Our work in applications, automation & management tools have enabled us to build a unique optimisation testing platform.

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Penetration Testing

Byte22 work with a number of leading digital securty teams. We offer sevices from full security reviews to full "Doomsday" testing.

Code Auditing

For large scale operations all code is submitted for external auditing to ensure relevant security protocols are in place fortifying your data.

Data Centre

We understand the challenges faced by our clients which is why we use an ISO-accredited, carrier neutral and award-winning data centre.