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Fancy a job at Google? Just hack iPhone, PS3 and Chrome

posted in Google by Matt on Thu Jul 17 2014

So you fancy a job at Google? Wouldn't we all in some way or another. Well George Hotz decided to start early at and aged just 17 hacked AT&T's lock on iPhone, reverse engineered a PS3 and dismantled the defense of Google Chrome.

Not bad, so let's take a look at Google's Project Zero.

A couple of days ago Google announced a research team called Project Zero - their sole job is to hunt down, identifying and potentially fixing the major security flaws in, well, everything. It's not just Google's product line they'll be looking at, it's everything. Every popular app, platform, operating system that is commonly used will be scrutinised by Project Zero.

Software developed for a large commercial scale is seriously difficult to bug fix. There will always be something that could result in "zero-day" vulnerabilities, this could be when someone hacks you or various top level security agencies fancy a look in (not to name names....NSA, GCHQ etc).

Thanks to Mr Edward Snowden - whistle-blower extraordinaire, online security is big business right now. Google have announced various counter-surveillance methods in the past but this is really putting a name and a brand to their on-going efforts to apparently "protect the Google user."

I personally think that this is a great shout - Google openly say they scan your emails for advertising purposes only so now maybe they think it's time they give something back.

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