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Is focus easing on Mobile Responsive Design?

posted in mobile by Matt on Tue Jul 15 2014

At Byte22 we pride ourselves on ensuring that we design on a level playing field. Many people design for desktop first then add in a few Media Queries to render the site well on mobile.

Well, the mighty Google have announced that they're going to flag sites that aren't suitable for mobile viewing and recommend you view them on a different device or computer - interesting.

I personally think this a great thing. As a designer it places more of a responsibility to ensure that you're taking everything into account from the word go - also in way I believe it's Google trying to clean up the internet a little, maybe i'm wrong, but mobile is becoming the first port of call for all internet browsing. Hence the reason why screens are getting bigger and of course the iimminent release of the iPhone 6 means that the playing field will yet again be changed.

Take a look at this interest article over at Tech Crunch and let us know what you think.



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