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Last week, this week... now // not the year of wearable tech, mobile e-commerce, big brother's in the office and more

posted in news, tech round up by Adam on Mon Jun 30 2014

Last Week, This Week.. Now

Here’s our weekly serving of some of last week’s most interesting technology trends.

  • The New York Times looks at the rise of big brother in the work setting as technological advancements aide increased surveillance.
  • Fortune analyses recent research that suggests that 2014 will not be the year of wearable tech as it’s not yet socially acceptable.
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights a strategic change in the way that organisations are utilising social media; focusing on quality of audience as opposed to quantity.
  • Bloomberg notes on the increased pace with which American Millennials are shunning the high street for e-commerce convenience.
  • However, following the release of Amazon’s Fire Smartphone, Mobile Marketer reports that critics are unsure as to what the future of mobile shopping will really look like.
  • But according to Mobile Marketing Daily, online mobile use has hit new heights in terms of times spent on mobile devices.

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