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Wearable Tech just got pretty // Withings Activité

posted in news by Adam on Tue Jun 24 2014

Just seen on Product Hunt, wearable technology from Withings in the form of a subtle and classic wristwatch that looks nothing like... wearable technology. From Withings' press release: "A contemporary reinterpretation of classical timepieces combining elegant design, luxury materials and haute-couture finishes."

"A discrete built-in digital system initiatively detects every move when you walk, run or swim and calculates your daily activities, distance covered and calories burned. After an action packed day, Activité will also monitor sleep patterns including time to fall asleep and length of light and deep sleep, all before waking you up with its vibrating alarm clock function.

Its smart sensors automatic (sic) detect and switch between active and sleep mode."

An item of wearable tech that you never ever need to take off and is always collecting data, even while you sleep. hmm... However, It's an interesting deviation from the usual wearable tech styles and we'll be keeping a close eye on whether this will be mirrored throughout the industry.


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