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posted in Tips by Adam on Fri Jun 20 2014

How to get your event talked about on social media

If you’re lucky, your event will be a buzz in itself, enough of a buzz that everyone attending will share, #hashtag and make your event a part of their profile simply to make their friends jealous.

However, we’re not all hosting Glastonbury and, even if we were, attendees these day require more to inspire them to share your brand. After all each person's social media life is a digital extension of their own individual brand identity. You have to earn your right to become a part of that.

Create a Community Then Develop An Alumni

Building up to an event, increase your social media presence by creating a dedicated event pages. By building a community from your potential attendees, you’re creating the opportunity to relate to followers with a common interest.

You can build up your social media following by posting relevant content to similar and appropriate organisations, starting conversations that relate your event.  

During the event, specialised event apps can increase your social media presence while building upon the number of followers.

Following the event, these pages can be used to gather post-event feedback, post further images and keep your event alumni engaged and interested. The shared experience gained by attendees will further the social cohesion of the group.

Encouraging Participant Engagement. Inspiring a Selfie. 

The popularity of ‘Selfies’ is rising rapidly and according to over 1 million selfies are taken daily. Research done by PewResarchCentre revealed that the average adult Facebook user has 338 friends and according to the average twitter user has 200 followers.

This not only means that selfies are becoming ever more commonplace, it also means that each and every selfie has the potential to create a brand ambassador with an established audience that then relate that user’s friendly face with your brand.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of encouraging selfies is to have a branded photo-taking area at your event. For example, on arrival each guest is photographed next to an exciting display. If working offline, this photo can automatically be sent to an events screen, if online it’s sent to the events screen, to your social media page and most importantly shared to the individual’s social media accounts.

Live Events Feed

A great way to get attendees participating and sharing is to have a live events feed. This can be displayed on anything from a simple LCD screen all the way to a huge keynote speech projection. 

By converting your audience or attendees from passive observers into active participants, they are far more likely to retain the information shared with them. Even if you’re not holding a conference, encouraging participation such as feedback, increases the longevity of your brand’s impact by creating a tangible, physical link between your brand and the attendee.

For example with our Live Events Feed, you can choose whether to keep the shout-outs off-line and displayed locally at your event or whether to go on-line and share each hashtaged post on your social media feeds allowing you to extend the reach of the event hype.

At best, your event will be trending, and the internet will be alive with discussions about what might be to follow. At worst, you’ve engaged with your audience, increased awareness about your event and you can know see what part of your event struck a chord with your attendees.

And...If you're worried about unscrupulous social media users attempting to hijack the hashtag don’t be, that’s what moderation is for. With our event-apps, content posted can be moderated to a level of your choosing.

Use Hardware That People Are Familiar With

When engaging your event attendees you need to eliminate any barrier that might discourage participation. Using easily recognisable hardware, such as iPads, and user-friendly event-ready apps you are removing the awkward stumbling blocks that change a fun interaction into a bit of a nuisance. You want to be building the hype not killing the buzz.

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Here at Byte22 we offer event-ready apps and hardware that include, Photo Grid, Event Feed and more. We also custom build apps to client specification ensuring that everything can be plugged in and ready to go. 

Get in touch and find out more about how we can enhance your live event and maximise the potential of every interaction. After all, why shouldn’t your event be fun and memorable?

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