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posted in Our Work by Adam on Wed Jun 18 2014

Recently, we launched A web-based platform that encourages the online community to conjure up their very best puns based on a topic of the day. The pun with the most likes earns that user the title of the Pun-Champ of the day.

We made sure that we could effectively create something at Byte22 that could work across multiple platforms, had intuitive design and utilised a design that compliments functionality

By using technologies such as Node JS, Angular JS and Mongo DB, we could generate an experience that is speedy, smooth and consistently effective. Having successfully integrated some of these technologies into previous projects we knew that they were not only the best tools for modern intuitive design and functionality but also a key element in multi-platform engineering for the foreseeable future


By setting aside a project solely for testing the parameters and functionality of new technologies, we can better tailor each of our customer projects to specifically meet their exact needs. And if we achieved a couple of laughs out of some of the horrendous puns then all the better.


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