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Google Hoaxes 'Easter Eggs'

posted in Google by Adam on Tue Jun 17 2014

Although, byte-by-byte, they're slowing taking over the world, Google do do some fun things too. Here's 4 of our favourite Google Search Engine 'Easter Eggs':

Zerg Rush: Type 'Zerg Rush' into the search bar and watch the results page gradually get destroyed by Google 'o's. However, all is not lost, searchers can fight back by clicking and destroying the 'o's.

Google 1998: Searching for 'google in 1998' will generate a results page that shows how Google looked way back when in 1998.

Tilt: not awe-inspiring but still a nice feature, searching for 'tilt' or 'askew' will yield a results page 'at a funny angle' to quote Tyrone from Snatch

Recursion: the simple ones tickle us. Typing Recursion in to the google search box will get you the recursion 'did you mean Recursion?' which is a recursion... well we chuckled anyway.


Full list of Google Easter Eggs and Hoaxes here


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