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New Digital Events Services from Byte22

posted in News by Adam on Thu Jun 12 2014


Previously // Like My Foto

A few years ago we developed the event software behind the hugely successful Like My Foto, a digital events platform that enables brands to create ambassadors out of the people attending their events. Sam Moqbel, from Generate Sponsorship, had this to say about Like My Foto:

"Like My Foto have exceeded my expectations throughout the 2012 eBay project. Like My Foto created an app that integrates directly to social media and is fully measurable, allowing eBay to tangibly evaluate who and where our fans are sharing media. I look forward to developing our relationship with Like My Foto with our new projects".

Now // New Digital Events Platforms

Now, Like My Foto is being used by F1 Gamezone at Formula 1 Grand Prix events and, this year, we’ve taken that technology one-step further and are soon to be launching a whole host of new digital events platforms to reach out to an even broader range of modern events organisers.

Custom Built Apps 

All events are different, and if these default apps don't fit the client's requirements, Byte22 can build custom apps to meet a specific needs. We create events software that is easy to use, reliable and always effective.


On The Day // How It Works // Data Capture

We provide the hardware and event platform - including the above mentioned default apps - that can be client-branded and reused for multiple events and work in the following way:

Events staff, armed with an iPad, collect attendee data and, with the push of a button, instantly share locally to an event's screen and/or online to social networks.

For example, data captured can be photos, user information, event feedback and much more. Previously, we have integrated social media with the use of facebook, twitter and instagram.

For their event or series of events Byte22 supplies the client with an iPad, event-ready micro-computer and router. We can also provide LCD screens if the event isn't already equiped with one. We think your event could be greatly enhanced by our digital events services, if you're not sure exactly how, please use the links below to get in touch.


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