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iOS8 Round Up

posted in Tech News by Adam on Tue Jun 10 2014

Interactive Notifications

Directly respond to messages from notifications view and from lockscreen avoiding the need to access the full messages app. This functionality also includes the ability to integrate third-party widgets into the notification centre so you can read sports scores or check your Ebay auction status without the need to open the full apps.

Keyboard Enhancements

Two major changes for iOS keyboards. First, QuickType will speed up your writing process via a more intuitive auto-complete function that supplies users with a choice of words or phrases based on conversational context and typing history - but with a keen interest in protecting user privacy in the process.

Secondly, if QuickType is not for you, iOS 8 will allow for the installation and use of third-party keyboard apps across your iOS devices.

Apple Messages - big app, big changes

iMessage is the most popular iOS app and received a proportionately large update in iOS 8.

Seemingly bowing to pressure, iMessages iOS 8 will allow users to opt out of nuisance group message threads cutting down on irrelevant and annoying notifications.

The update will also see give users the option of quick recording and sending of audio and video messages within a conversation thread as well as time-specific location sharing.

All productive steps but some observers have noted the limitations that Apple Messages has by only working on iOS and not allowing for the cross-platform accessibility that you can find on other messaging apps like Whatsapp.

HealthKit & Health

Federighi announced HealthKit, a tool for developers, wearable technology creators and health tracking devices that allows for the sharing of health data to create a more comprehensive overview of an individual’s health. Furthermore, testing with the Mayo Clinic has shown how HealthKit can be used to personalise patient care through mutually agreed metric targets. Apps, developed by The Mayo Clinic through HealthKit, monitor vital-signs and other health metrics and alert doctors when intervention may be possible.

The Health app is designed to give a broader range of health and fitness metrics than its competitors and also promises to source further data from third party apps. Again, giving a more complete picture of the user’s overall well-being. 

HealthKit and Health are piggybacking onto the hugely popular Wearable Tech and Internet of Things trends and we expect both to make huge ripples in an already developed and extensive pool.


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